Riding Lessons






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Below you will see a description of the Livery and Riding Lesson services we offer. For our Pony Club, please visit the separate Pony Club page!

We aim to provide the best possible service for you, your family - and if you have one - your horse.

With an outdoor 25 x 65m rubber-surfaced school, year-round turnout, American style, sheltered barns, and 24/7 security cameras, we hope you will feel that you are happy, safe, and comfortable.

An ideal location.

We are based at the edge of the idyllic Lincolnshire Wolds with ample hacking routes within easy riding distance. Get lost in the endless hills and fields of the local countryside by booking a ride out with us or going exploring with your own horse!


We offer riding lessons to adults and children, both in groups and alone. We have a variety of horses to suit your needs, whether you're a novice or a confident rider. We are delighted to be able to take childre from ages 2 upwards. 

Private lessons are 1-1 with an instructor. 
Semi-Private are with 2 people in your lesson and Group lessons are classed as 3 or more people in the group. 

Pricing as of October 1st 2022

Half Hours:

1/2 hour private (weekends): £27

1/2 hour private (weekday): £22

1/2 hour semi-private (2 riders): £18.50

1/2 hour shared (3-5 riders): £16.50

Under 6’s: £14.50 (privates not available for under 6’s at weekends)

45 minutes:

45 min private (weekends): £33

45 minute private (weekday): £28

45 semi-private (2 riders): £24

45 minute shared (3-5 riders): £21


1 hour private: not available

1 hour semi-private (2 riders): not available

1 hour shared (3-5 riders): £25


Under 11 30 min walk outs £15

Taster 15 mins (first lesson only) - £10

Sunday Pony Club - £25

Wednesday Pony Club - £18.50

Tots hours £7.50

Helpers 6 week course: £60

Pony Days: £36

Pony Days (3 consecutive days): £75

Pony Days (2+ siblings from same family): £26

Half Day Pony Days (9-12:30): £22

Sian’s clinics - £25

Hat Hire and Boot hire - 50p each


We offer supervised hacking for all riders across idyllic routes in the heart of Lincolnshire. All of our horses are safe and sensible and you will be escorted by a guide.

Prices start at £25 for an hour's walk out. Riders must be competent enough to ride on their own. Please get in touch for more details.


Our Livery offers you a chance to stable your horse in our covered American-style barns, sheltered from the elements and safe and warm inside.

Care of your horse and the provision of feed and bedding is down to you, but you get full use of our stables and facilities.

Part livery and other packages also available.

DIY Price: £135 per calendar month, paid in advance on the 1st of each month for the month ahead. This includes stable, grazing. Any other services on top can be discussed